• To focus on a win-win situation, wherein, both the employee and the employer benefits.

• To recognize the work performance and outstanding behaviors that supports a business organization in accomplishing the vision, mission, values, goals and objectives.

• To recognize exceptional professional performance.

• To strengthen employee engagement and loyalty to company mission.

• To create and harness the power of motivation – by valuing and recognizing people, this is the only strategy to promote performance and optimistic behaviors throughout the organization.

• To improve individual attitudes by showcasing team work.

• To establish a supportive community via online Recognition forum.

• To channelize and improvise the Communication System within the organization.

• To recognize individual achievements in tenure and major milestones.

• To create a harmonic feeling valued proposition from the management to employee’s perspective.

• To build self-esteem and a sense of belonging within the individual employees and teams.

• To create a greater impact when it comes from peers, in the form of co-workers than coming from superiors, in the form of Managers.

• To indicate from management’s perspective that “Everyone” is a Key Player in forming the organization and in meeting its Mission collectively.

• To pave a way in showcasing work undertaken in the form of technical accomplishment/breakthrough/discovery.

• To develop innovation and creativity in individual employees and teams.

• To improve quality, efficiency and hence overall productivity.

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