Goal Management

Driving Success in your organisation

Setting goals and objectives is critical to the success of any organisation. However, it is not sufficient to merely establish these targets; a strategic plan and an effective system must be in place to attain them. This is where our expertise lies. We have honed the use of OKRs and KPIs (key performance indicators and balance scorecard design) to their fullest potential and designed our system in a way that promotes maximum adoption.

How can Goals drive performance in your organization?

Clear and measurable goals

Alignment with company objectives

Focus on results

Regular tracking and evaluation

Improved communication and collaboration

Align goals for focus on priority outcomes

Objective & frequent performance reviews

Are your goals SMART enough?

Specific, measurable, attainable, result-oriented and time-bound (SMART) goals give employees a clear sense of ownership in achieving goals. SMART goals define clearly what needs to be achieved (specific), remove subjectivity (how to measure it), if they are realistic (attainable), set achievement (result) and set a time frame for achievement (time-bound). You can stretch for performance by playing with time and attainability of the goal.


Well-defined goals with specificity and clarity ensure high performance.


Keep your goals relevant for a meaningful impact on your company objectives.


Recognize the need to set tasks that are achievable and ensure that employees are motivated to work towards them.


Measurement doesn’t have to be quantifiable. It can also be tracked by the extent to which a goal was attained.


Pay attention to deadlines and establish a realistic window of time in which they need to be achieved.

Focus on initiatives to deliver outcomes